Thursday, November 29, 2007

My aunt and the light-bulb-moment.

...and then there was this thing I thought about...

(Yes, still here, it might be interesting for you to know I got a cold, I have a fever and I should probably be sleeping instead, but, I slept the whole afternoon yesterday and the night, so now I feel quite jolly, jolly in a feverish way i.e.)

Anyway, in life we sometimes gets light-bulb-experiences, the kind that just hit you in the head and you can almost see the bubble over your head saying "A-haaaa!"

Thing is, when this happens, it is not like you forever go and have that insight all handy, it sometimes hides in the back of your head, and then, it pops back again, and reminds you....

("Yeah, get on with it, I get it..." you might say... "Trust me, I will get on with it, in time..." )

So, way back, in the past century, when I was a little dandelion, maybe about eleven, I used to spend the summers where my father grew up, when he was a little dandelion, where also his relatives grew up and were little dandelions, (you get the picture? A huge field of dandelions there, yes, that's right.)

So, for the first time in my life I were going to meet my dad's aunt, (I told you about her at the old blog, a mighty fine cool woman...) and I remember I thought to myself "Well, this is going to be boring."

Because, being a kid, it felt like older people were a different specie you know? In fact, middle-aged people seem to be that too, not to mention teenagers, when I think about it, anyone who wasn't at my age, was a different specie. They were like me, but just because their age, they were different, and I was sure I couldn't relate to them, I mean, how would they know about what it was like being a kid? They probably forgot it, and as I saw it, they were probably filled with strange ideas and strange hobbies, which never could compete with a world so full of imagination and fun as my world.

So, my father introduced me to this grey haired old lady, with sparkling black granite-eyes.
"Nice to meet you." we said and scrutinized each other.

Then my father took off, and there we were, a kid and an old lady, left to entertain ourselves the best we could.

She completely threw me when she said "How about some hide-and-seek?"

"Sure..." I said.

This would be easy" I thought, "her idea about hiding was probably standing behind a door."

It turned out, she knew a lot about hiding.

As well as seeking.

I spent half an hour looking for her, and when I finally gave up, she crawled out from under the bed.

"That's cheating" I howled, "Old people aren't supposed to hide under beds!"
"Where are old people supposed to be hiding then?" she smiled.
"Well, easy places, behind doors and behind chairs...

Later that afternoon, we visited her friends, three other very old ladies, we played cards, sitting there, looking at them, laughing, joking with each other, I had my light bulb-experience, when I realized they weren't different. They looked different, but they weren't...

My aunt, became one of my best friends, she learnt me that the feelings I had they felt too, they still fell in love and felt like nervous teenagers, they still could laugh at absolutely nothing with their friends, they got angry and felt frustrated and felt like teenagers in their puberty again when they couldn't change things as they wished. They spent time worrying about stuff that really didn't matter, and they didn't know everything at all, as I thought. They were afraid of snakes, and they hated some food too, and sometimes, at occasions when they had to dress up and act nice at a family party, all they really would have liked to do was to go out with the kids and play instead of sitting and act well-mannered.

I didn't know all this, but she taught me.

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