Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Creatures of habit.

Hiyas, so you might think, after reading about my superwoman-friend, why don't I tell her to slow down?

Two reasons...

First one: There is a saying here in Sweden "It's better to bang your head against a wall than not using it at all." The only problem is that when you banged your head against a wall too many times you get tired and your head hurts. So, after repeated attempts to tell her to slow down, I have by now given up. For awhile. Not forever.

Two. We can't change anyone else, no matter how depressing it is to realize this, it is true. I mean, haven't we all seen different examples of people who we think could benefit from a change in their life-style? And haven't we tried to talk to them, give them hints and sometimes just been blunt telling them they are screwing up? The thing is, that is all we can do, then it is up to them to listen and decide for themselves if they want to, or can make a change.

(Yes, since I am re-inventing the wheel here, let's reinvent it all the way, the only one we can change is ourselves, and hand on your heart, how often do we do that?)

Sometimes changes are neccessary, we don't have a choice, but then again, sometimes if we just believe we can live the same way as always, without the changes done, we choose to live that way. We are creatures of habit and we like our habits damn well.

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