Monday, November 26, 2007

Give me a beer.

Morning, tired as hell here, it's been quite hectic, first the ladettes had a big party Saturday-night, and man, let me tell you, we ladettes sure knows how to party... There were troubadours, band, food, beer and wine for those who insists on dabbling with that kind of strange mixture (no, I am no fan of wine, it gives me a mawkish feeling and I never understood the idea of it.) and of course, glogg... Now, it's soon Christmas, so everyone drinks it. I had a sip of it and it reminded me why I don't like it in the first place. I say, give me a beer, there's something reliable with a beer, it's jolly good and no need to run around with it in small glasses that only takes away my moving abilities with my hands.
I have tried to like wine. But no. I don't like wine. I am no fan of champagne either in fact. It annoys me more than give me pleasure. I might as well face it, I'm a beer and whisky-kinda-woman. Whiskey always cheers me up. Even if it comes in a glass.
Hm, what else, yeah, hey I have fixed the comments now. Without the letters.


Workfinkle Hibbernoink said...

snorf glob winkle fworp

does it work?

Shirouz said...

Yes,finally!! :)