Saturday, November 24, 2007

I can't take it.

Yes, before you say anything, I admit it. I am old. I am stubborn and I am rigid when it comes to music and books and whatever creative stuff you might think of. So, when we have established this fact, let me go on with my whining.....

Yesterday, when my guy and I were taking turns to bid at auctions, (yes, we are by now both addicted, I mean, this auction-place got everything, from Buddha's to old toys to new clothes to music and so on) I strolled by the TV when I was heading for a smoke on the balcony (I know, I should stop, I am trying but it is hard.) and there it was....


A bloke singing "Living on the edge" which originally is made by Aerosmith.

A song with a meaning, and, when it is sung by Steven Tyler, you can hear the frustration and the aggravation but also the hope contained in the song.

Now, all I heard was someone singing words he memorized, and I thought to myself "This is awful. Really bad."
He quit the song, the crowd went wild, the jury went wild, and there I was, once again, not understanding a iota.

What I do understand, or okay, what I do think is this;

When, (if you really have to) you sing someone else's song, you have to mean every word you sing, you have to get out all the feelings that are built into the song and make them your own, you have to feel, and just sing something you learnt, won't make it a good cover. And, while I am at it. To wear rock n' roll-clothes, just because the theme is rock n' roll won't make you look like a rocker. It will only make you look like you dressed up for masquerade.
I know, I might take it serious, too serious, but see, music is serious, it is about feelings.
I am not against covers, just look at Paul Potts, he is amazing. The difference between him and bad copies mishandling songs is that he means every word he sings. At least, he makes me believe he does.

But. As I said. The crowd went wild. I am probably a dinosaur.

On the other hand, it doesn't mean I am wrong.

By the way, the lyrics for the song is here:

And no, no one can do those lyrics more justice than Steven Tyler. Never.

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