Monday, November 26, 2007

My friend, the superwoman.

My friend, (do you remember her, the Superwoman with the goat-eye?) is right now making lots of garlands for Christmas, in order to sell them, she just called me, said "I don't get it, I feel so tired, I don't have the same strength as I used to do, my guy says it's 'cause I'm getting old..."

She went on "Everything takes forever for me to get done, I don't get it, before I used to do these garlands, nap a little, then back to it and get the job done. Now it's like walking in molasses."
"Hmm..." I said "You don't think the fact that you had two infarcts has anything to do with your lack of strength?"
"No, the doctors said I would be able to do everything as I used to!"

"Well, when they said that they probably was thinking they were talking to a normal person with normal ambitions" I said, "Not to someone with aspiring Superwoman-behaviour who tries to do everything at once...."

Silence in the phone...

"Hmm, you might have a point there."

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