Wednesday, November 21, 2007

There's something about the forest...

The forest is the place for strange meetings. Friends from the past comes strolling on their path, mostly friends that I could never imagine would find their way into the forest, not to mention that I suspect they would never find their way out...
In return, when we meet, I recieve the same look in their eyes, and we say in chorus, like we have repeated the lines "What the hell are you doing in the forest!?

Way back then, the forest was not our playground, the bars, late nights with big beerglasses
was our scene, afterparties who went on till the morning, then early afternoons at the local café was where we met.

Now, we are getting older, once afternight-lions are roaming the forests instead of the pubs. Our chats are different too, I don't know, but there is something about the mood in a forest, we skip the usual everyday-conversation and jump right onto the hard facts, "how is your life?" how do you feel?"
It's like the everyday-mumbojumbo-conversation we usually make when we meet someone has no room here. It's straight questions and straight answers, a usual "how do you do? thx,fine, you?" just doesn't exist.
Yesterday I met someone I once knew, not so well back then, now we talked for over an hour, about sadness and joy, disappointments and happy moments, I walked away with the feeling that I knew more about him then I ever did before.
...I don't know... But there's definetly something about the forest.

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