Monday, December 17, 2007

It will fit like a foot in the glove..

I'm thinking big here. (Yeah, I know, what's the use of thinking if you don't?)

I've heard through reliable sources (man, that sounded really bombastic, when in reality all it was a couple of sms' exchanged...) that the possibilities for a new Youtube-party is quite likely to happen.

The last was a blast! Never has so few been so amused by so many video's, never has so many beers been drunken, (hmm, is that really a word?) and seldom has two cats looked more cross-eyed as the hours rushed by meanwhile the empty beer cans stood holding court in the kitchen, meanwhile the fresh ones were being sipped.
Never has so many videos caused so much laughter, so much "damn, that was long ago" and never has the idea of a keyboard instead of a cellphone made me laugh so hard. In fact, I still giggle when I think about it.

The way I see it, surely there is a demand for a new party like that. The only thing that we can not be without this time is Irish Coffee!

I expect the Irish Coffee to be the icing of the cake, the creme to creme De la creme, the foot in the glove (hmm, really?).

It's going to be fun, fun, fun, fun!!

And I love to have fun. I do.


Anonymous said...

Apropå vad som fått en att dra på smilbanden efter förra YT; Två fulla kastruller som sitter framför datorn med pajhålen riktade mot taket och slutna ögon och skrålar "Kom igen!! Kompisar från förr, kompis från förr. Nåra lyckas, nåra dörr"

Shirouz said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!! Det hade jag glömt! Doggelito hade gråtit av lycka om han hört vår fräscha tolkning. :)