Friday, December 7, 2007

Let's just enjoy our meal, dammit!

So... You might suspect I am a militant vegetarian who dedicated my life to ruin other people's fridges, that my highest goal in life is to kick all meat-eaters to a desert island where they can sit under a palm and think about their food-habits.

All of the above is of course true.


See, as I understood it, most people seem to have a problem with me instead. I can't count on how many times people have said to me "Hrm, so, are you a vegetarian?" with a look on their face as if have declared that on my free time I really like to kick innocent seniors.

When all I actually said was "No thanks, I don't want any meat."

I can't count the times people have looked relieved when I answered "No, I am not a vegetarian, it happens that I eat meat, but if I can choose, I rather have veggies or fish or eggs."

"So, this isn't all about that you feel a bad conscience about how animals are treated?"

Sometimes I answer "No, not at all, the more pain the better. I don't give a shit about anyone else except me."
Usually people leave me alone after that statement, they disappear with a funny look in their eye. Like I have declared that "No, I don't kick seniors every day, but if I happen to meet one, why not?"

But most of the times, being the patient bastard I am, I take the time to explain, that "No, it is not because of ethical reasons, I have seen both cows and pigs being slaughtered, it isn't a nice picture to see, but I believe it would be hypocritical of me to eat meat if I couldn't stand seeing how the animal becomes what we call beef or pork chops or whatever."

and "Mostly I avoid meat because I noticed I feel so much better eating green stuff and fish and so on, is that answer enough for you?"

The strange thing is that many look so relieved, like they were suspecting I was judging them, thinking they were a lesser person, just because they like their meat. I don't know why really, I mean, what do I care about what is on other's plates? It's not my problem.

But sometimes those answers aren't enough, they go on... " Do you eat chicken?"

"No, and that, my friend is purely because I don't like the way they are treated."

"I see... Don't you ever long for a nice steak?"

"It happens."

"What do you do then? Take a cabbage?"

"I go to a field, find a cow, knock it in the head, drag it home, make the necessary treatments so it turns into a beef. Isn't that the normal procedure?"

Yes, I know, it may sound like I become a bit edgy, but mind you, I do sometimes feel that it is the meat-eaters who are more concerned about what's on my plate instead of what's on their own.

Actually, thinking of it, can't we make a promise here, that everyone promise not to give a rat's ass about what might be on someone else's plate? Let's just enjoy what we eat, no matter if we happen to enjoy a beef, a cabbage, strips or barbecued armadillos?


Ramplechort Glingertalk said...

the funny thing is that I find people who are freaked out about vegetarians (like you said, who think you are judging them) are actually judging themselves (somewhere deep inside themselves) and get nervous (and get mad at you) for bringing to the surface something that's eating(!) at them from deep inside themselves already... kinda like a LOT of things, not just vegetarians...

shooting the messenger of their own internal feelings...

Shirouz said...

Exactly!!! That is what I am suspecting too, otherwise no need to react like that, eh? By the way, this morning we can reat that they have taken salmonella-infected chicken and used it in "ready-dinners". Damn, what a relief I don't eat those chickens anyway. Somewhere we got to stop trust so much....