Monday, December 10, 2007

More Mr Moore's to the people, please.

Tonight, it will be a show on Swedish TV about Michael Moore. The interviewers said that he was hard to get a grip on, and according to the press they will try and figure out if he is "a provoker, is it fact, fiction or propaganda he's doing?"

I, am (of course) very pleased that they will try and scrutinize Mr Moore. I would be even more pleased if they scrutinized other reporters or film-makers too, because I somewhere have a sneaky suspicion that these questions could be mapped on everyone on this planet.

We may say that we "are very objective" and "we are totally unbiased" but that my friend, is bs if you ask me. The day someone finds a totally objective person, I would like to shake his or her hand.

You know, I like Mr Moore, I like all of those who have enough strength to try and kick us in our minds, all of those who strives to get us to wake up and smell the coffee.

I know, some people don't want their cradle rocked, those might be the ones who quotes Voltaire who said "We live in the best of worlds" and haven't got a clue that Voltaire meant that in a sarcastic way...

I have never felt quite close to the "non-cradle-rockers", I can't understand the meaning of living my life, pretending that everything is fine, just as long as I am fine.

It's a big world, and I do believe that if we are blessed with living in a peaceful country, with high living standard it is also our obligation to help those who are not.

Yes, you can say "But you can't help all...." That is true.

But you know, that is no reason to jump back into the cradle and put wool over your eyes.

For me, it isn't.

And now, if we should speak about Christmas and all that, maybe send a few bucks to those who have nothing, instead of buying a lot of food, would be a jolly good start on the Christmas.

Then, you haven't helped everyone, but at least someone....

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