Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are naive, let's face it.

Hi kids... (Don't that make you feel really young and full of life? Good, that was what I was aiming for...)

We start with a "meaty" topic.....

I can't help thinking about what going around in other's minds, what do they believe in anyway? Yesterday, I saw a reportage, about the fact that some supermarkets had cheated with the minced meat, when they closed for the day, the minced meat went in, they took off the plastic wrap, put the meat into a machine, and voila, out came a new plastic cover, with a totally new date, but still it was the same minced meat...

Now, that is not something you should do with minced meat... (okay, if you asked me, you shouldn't even be eating that kinda yucky stuff, but every one's entitled to eat what they might want to, so never mind.)

It wasn't only the minced meat. On the floor some pork chops were lying, we could watch how an employee took up the meat, put it on a tray, and voila into the plastic-wrapping-machine, out came the pork with a fresh date.

And no, this was not in some corny little supermarket this took place, one of the four shown is one of Sweden's biggest supermarkets.

Isn't that cute? Doesn't that make you long to sink your teeth into a pork chop?

(Yes, I know I sound sarcastic. It's my full intention.)

But. What surprised me most, was the trust the customers showed to their stores, someone said she never looked at the dates when she shopped there, some said they felt "secure" and "safe"in the stores, everyone seemed to be so sure that their own supermarket-owners and their employees only had one interest, and that was to please the customers.

I don't know where they got that opinion, but it intrigues me a lot. Have they never thought about that the shops are interested in making big bucks? The idea to shop somewhere because the shop make me feel safe and secure sounds very interesting. The idea to never look at the dates stamped on the food even more interesting. Are we in general so trusting? So naive?

The answer is "Yes."

Because we want to believe that we get the best and the freshest when we shop, it's natural.

Anyway, this is all for now, hey, are you having tacos tonight....?


Boof Rettongen said...

re:...feeling secure and safe in the store...

the biggest supermarket chain here is actually called "Safeway"... that stuff just sinks in so deep most people never even notice it

Shirouz said...

Yes, it sure seems like it does.