Monday, January 7, 2008

Freegans rock!

When you get old and sit there, in your rocking-chair, will the memories of all the things you bought give you a warm glowing feeling? Will you treasure the memory of the Gucci-clock you bought somewhere in 95 , will it make you shine like the sun?
Will the memories of all the tv-shows and the films you watched give you a cheerful grin?

Will you giggle at the thought of when you washed your brandnew car?

Maybe you say "Yes!"
Then I guess we are not alike eachother, but that's okay, let me just say those are not the things I hope I will think about when I get old.

See, yesterday it was a telly-show about freegans....
It really caught my interest, now, I wouldn't go so far so I would eat food from the supermarket dumpsters but that's mainly because I am a really picky bastard.
It doesn't bother me that others are doing it though, I mean, why let it go to waste if there is nothing wrong with it?
The whole idea of not jumping onto the carousel of hysteric shopping gets all my votes though, something is seriously fucked if we fall under the myth that consumption is the same thing as happiness.

We all know the best things in life are free, and that they can never be bought.
Friendship and love, respect and laughter, health and happiness, serious, how much would you pay to get that in an honest way?
I bet it would be much, and still, if it didn't come from the heart it wouldn't be worth a dime, right?

Hmm, I read here that : The word "freegan", is compounded of "free" and "vegan".
On the other hand, some of the people I saw, was eating meat, reading further I find that they
are to be called "meagans".
I don't care what you call it really, or what they choose to eat or not eat, but fact remains, there are so much going to waste.
We live in a buy and throw-away-society....

Anyway, these freegans and Guerrilla Gardeners warms an old bastard's heart like mine,
it even make me suspect there's hope for the future..

If you want more info about freegans, just google it.
In case you are too lazy, well, here's one link.

Don't forget to check out The Guerrilla Gardening Homepage!


missepearl said...

I'm not quite there yet, but I hope the laptop won't be as heavy as mine is today, and my reumatism won't have hit me too hard. Then I can sit there and rock and type all I remember from my "youth", hoping my spelling is correct.

Shirouz said...

Hehe, same here, that would be a nice thing to do. :)