Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If I wanted "witty" or "clever" I would turn to Mark Twain or Wilde.

Yes. I am in an angry mood today.
No wonder, I see friends caught up in Moment 22-situations, but there is no humor involved in them as it is in the book...

Also... The party leader debate this morning also set me off.

Geezes, could they for just one time stop to try and be witty or come with sarcastic remarks about the other parties and instead come to solutions?

If I wanted "witty" or "clever", I would turn to Wilde or Twain.


Chakledrang Greetombe said...

"Moment-22"? is that how Catch-22 is translated in swedish?

...and, apparently, at least in your country politicians are still able to be clever (even poorly) whereas here all the politicians tend to be little more than retarded assholes

Shirouz said...

Yes, it is Swedish.
Hrm, I don't know, or yes, poorly is a correct term. But it bothers me still, I don't find any satisfaction in hearing them behaving as kids fighting at a playground.
Trying to get applaudes and laughter like they were some act at the zoo or something, when they in fact are saying absolutely nothing at all. As they always do.