Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today's wisdom: "Fall in love with a chef at least one time in your life."

...So, a lazy Tuesday for me, been reading blogs, cleaning litter boxes, had breakfast and so on.. All those million things that really don't interest anyone except me.

But. I came to think about food. (yes, again... who would have guessed...)

To me food is important, it is love, it is a treat, it is a way to make me feel better by knowing what I eat, it is an adventure to come to a new table and eat something I never had before, I want to eat my food slow, enjoy it, and I am not able to just put something in my stomach if I don't like it.
It hasn't always been like this.

When I was young,I used to work at a place where we had no pauses, we were lucky if we could throw down a burger or something between customers, I used to dream about the day when someone came up with a pill with all the nutrition needed for one day, I would subscribe to it, I thought.
Coffee and me was like a hand in the glove.
It was beautiful times, I was young, my stomach could handle anything, life was good.

Yes. I know... It didn't last. My stomach all of a sudden seemed to have a life of it's own.
A not so happy life. I stopped with the coffee.
A bit better. But still my tummy wasn't a happy camper.
Then... I met a chef.
I would suggest anyone with bad food-habits to fall in love with a chef.

He looked at my refrigerator, the sad remains of yogurt and food for the cats with disbelief, then turned around asking me "What do you eat?"
"Hrm, anything that is quick..."
"That's horrible!"
"Well, I'm a busy person, I can't be around the stove 24/7. Besides, eating is overrated."

Strangely, he didn't walk out through the door, instead, he started to invite me home for dinners, true to my nature I gulped it down in five minutes or so.

I still have no idea what it tasted like, but I bet it was delicious.
He, on the other hand, enjoyed his food.
Conversed and acted like a human being, in opposite to the gorilla-behaving woman he invited to his table.
It was very educational meals for me.
I started to take after his habits.
I started to taste the food.
I started to try out new stuff.
Found it excellent in some cases, bad in some...
I started to eat fish. And veggies. Tofu. And so on...

Okay, so that love didn't last, but when we came to our fork (sic!) in the road, I had a huge burning love for food and what it can be.
It's even like this, you never see me throw down any groceries in my basket, (like I noticed some of you do..) no, I gently put them down and tuck them next to the others.
Ah yeah... Such a sensitive bastard I have become...

I tell you...
Everyone should fall in love with a chef at least once in their life.

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