Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, there's obviously nothing wrong with my appetite.


1. Tons of honey-water.

2. Whiskey and coffee. In that order.

3. Ice cream

4. Chili marinated prawns with basmati-rice and marinated garlic.

5. Dave Allen on TV

6. Cough-drops.

7. More ice cream.

8. Two well-behaved cats, who's main-interest isn't to fly around the walls like they were trying to imitate bats or whatever the heck it is they are doing.

(And yes, I know, well-behaved cats are also that, a contradiction in terms.)

9. A fine white Brie, crackers and maybe a Camembert baked in the oven.

10. Maybe a little, little bit of some fine chocolate.

11. Mint-chocolate! Oh!

12. A phone call from Kinky Friedman wishing me good health.

13. Maybe, just maybe a little more ice cream.


Tralbasch Gortinouk said...

...ah, food, treats, delicious things...

I've been indulging in coffee during my vacation, since otherwise it keeps me awake at night... been drinking coffee with a shot of booze every day.. later in the day I have some soda (Coke, since I can't drink that normally either because of the caffine), again with a shot of booze in it... very nice...

also, I've got a package of bacon in the fridge that I've been saving and today might be the day to have bacon sandwiches!! yum

...don't forget to make ginger tea with honey - it's much better than the honey tea by itself... the stronger the better

hope you are feeling beeter!

Shirouz said...

Great to hear you had vacation!!! Yes, it's the cat's pyjamas to have a coffee with a little booze in, unfortunately I didn't see any whiskey coming my way at all yesterday, maybe tonight.
I forgot about ginger in tea, I have never tasted it, but it sounds like something I must try.
And thanks, well, let's just say it is progressing. :)