Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brave, braver, bravest....

As I said in the Swedish blog...
It's official, I got a cold.

I knew it.
But you know how brave I am, no one hardly notice it, except for the friends I called with my voice sounding like I was one step from the grave.
They didn't sound like they understood how serious this situation were, in fact, many of them said "Well, I got to go now" or "Sorry to hear, but now I have to shave the cat."

I mean, it's not like I am a hypochondriac something, but I do believe a cold should be taken serious, I also believe that a lot of chocolate and good food would improve my health situation.

I also do believe I could benefit from seeing my friends faces for a short while, maybe 20 minutes meanwhile they cook for me, do the dishes and make me coffee.

It also gives them an opportunity to exercise, since I live on this hill.

But do you think they sound thankful for me giving them this opportunity to feel like they are actually doing something with their lives?

Oh well...
It's hard to be such a brave person like I am.
Maybe I should call my guy too right now, and tell him how sick I am, the only thing that bothers me is that he beat me to it, when coming to having a cold. I almost (just almost) are willing to say that he sounded worse than me.
But just almost.


chamblering yootz said...

now's your chance to (try to) make the cats feel bad for not helping you out... of course, they never WILL help you, but you might confuse them a slight amount by staring at them like they are selfish pigs... might be good for a few hours laughs at least

Shirouz said...

hehe, well, in order to do that, I would have to be the first one in the morning to stare. Right now, I feel like I am always the loser since they are both, in the morning staring at me like "Oh well, woken up have we? Meanwhile we have been starving all night? Slept good? Snoared through the whole night so we couldn't sleep..."