Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just leave me on a rock.


There's life-coaches, new age, new interior-designers, smartest ways to loose weight, smartest ways to improve your sex-life, smartest ways to be happy, dress like this or like that, listen to this or that, buy the newest car, or computer, be online 26 hours a day, always be reachable, make sure you got your i-pod, your cell phone and don't ever ignore a call because you might be missing out on something, move your lawn like your neighbors, plant these flowers, eat this food, it's not so good as you might expect, but mind you, it's trendy as hell, go to the hottest clubs, wear the trendiest jeans, are everyone thinking black is the new black now? Well, then I think so too! Even if I prefer purple.
Buy baskets that costs 100 dollars, make sure the label is easy to see for everyone, don't laugh to high, never say that you don't approve of what someone else might be thinking, be political correct even in your sleep...
If everyone is carrying a little dog with them, I want that too, even if I don't like dogs so much, and even if I somewhere suspect that dogs can walk....
Is everyone reading that author now? Me too! Even if I don't understand a word what he's going on about.

But I don't want to.
It's okay, I know, I am a dinosaur, just leave me out in the desert on a rock.
At least I will be able to watch the starry skies alone. As long as it doesn't become trendy.


gibbernobro harutinkow said...


thnx, I enjoyed that

Shirouz said...

You're welcome, I'll be here all month. :)

saddler mcheartache said...

yeah, but I've noticed that you've been focusing on the swedish blog, leaving us non-swede readers in the lurch with second-pickings and leftovers... boohoo!!!!

(snif) well, I guess you just don't love us as much (snif)

Shirouz said...

Hehe, hmm, is that so?
Damn, I believe you are right, well, I promise to redeem myself :)