Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The lists... The lists...

You remember my friend, right?

Well, I am not sure how or why, but somehow she seems to have hit the jackpot of bad luck.

She went to a meeting, with the employment office and the sick insurance-office, she walked in, and said "Well, before you say anything, I have thought, I want to get on the project I was told about last year, the one that I couldn't be in because I just had two heart attacks, but now, I am willing to try."

You might think, that the ladies would jump up and sing and clap their hands, all in joy over that she had an idea what she wanted to do.

But no.

See. The thing is, because of the fact, that she had to turn down the offer, with the project the first time, she could not be a part of it now either.

What she was told was this, "No, you are no longer on the lists, the lists has passed you by, so no."

The lists, kids, remember that... The lists...

One would assume, that it would be the perfect opportunity, to get along with that project, since it was said it would be a project to find out if you were able to get back into the working life again.
But no.
The lists has passed her by.

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