Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All the time in the world.

It's Wednesday today, well, what can I say, the ones who need to know how it went are informed, so you know.
Right now, I feel a bit tired of talking about me and myself, even if it is indeed an interesting subject for me usually.
I guess even I can get tired of having all the time in the world of talking too much about me, eh?


flibbert mchughtwig said...

indeed, and that's why you have the badger to talk about!!

Shirouz said...

Ah yeah, did I mention I bought a cook-book where one can read how to stew a badger?

klempwoo lestribuote said...

mmmmm, stewed badger... I'm sure you can have hours of fun sitting in the forest reading that out loud

Shirouz said...

Hehehe! Now you gave me a great idea, thanks :)