Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I just don't feel it.

Well, I take it as you all agree with me on the matter of the subject below.
If you didn't I would have to declare you for being a cynical bastard only caring for yourself and that would have been really unpleasant for both of us, right?

Another matter right now, I got such a helluva cold so it's unbelievable, which always leads me to feel a bit miserable.
I don't like people or anything right now.
(Yes, I can write that, since I am in charge of this masterpiece, even if I just mentioned I would be ready in no time at all to declare you for being a not so much a human-friend.)

I've spent time on the couch, it's amazing how much shit it is on the telly, just when I thought it was enough and that the media couldn't dish out some more useless infotainment they surprise me and slam me with yet another housewife standing and telling me how to make my own napkins!?

Seriously, they gotta be kidding.

Against my will I notice that I can't stop looking, next I am shown how to bake a lid to a pie. (I know, it's probably not the right word for what you put on top of a pie, but remember I am sick and don't have any patience right now.)
What any sane housewife should do, is to make a million little circles and then fold them around the pie!
Yep, indeedy!
It will be so neat, and so nice and so fresh and lovely so you wouldn't believe it!

By now I am almost hanging off the couch meanwhile my fever heated brain insists that I must be hallucinating.

But no, I can see the result when it comes out of the oven, and the two ladies talking are almost overexcited when they see the result, it is so nice, so fresh, so lovely, it is amazing!

Meanwhile all this fixing with circles are going on they chitchat with each others about actors and everyone they are mentioning are of course lovely and charming and intelligent people.

By now I am almost starting to suspect they would accuse me for being lovely and charming too if they ever had the pleasure to meet me.

But I hang on, I can't stop watching, it's amazing to see, an hour of lovely and charming telly, daytime tv at it's best.
How charming. How lovely. How....

And yes, I know, I am not exactly showing of a compassionate side right now, well, what can I say, deep deep down inside, I am sure it is charming. And lovely.
I just don't feel it. Yet.


squibbert ganglaffolich said...

with TV like that, who needs drugs? ...apparently the people who make that TV as well as the people who live to watch it...

Shirouz said...

Well, it's hard to not starting to suspect it, eh?

climbledongnin tarfoom said...

Marx updated - religion is no longer the primary opiate of the masses... or, rather, TV has become the new opiatic religion

Shirouz said...

For sure, anything to keep your mind off your mind.