Friday, March 14, 2008

Why the need to fit in?

So, I have spent some more time in order to watch daytime-television, it's truly amazing and it makes me wonder how something that is so "light" and so entertaining can bug me so much.

But there's no edge, everything is nice and sweet and oh so lovely, it makes me wish for someone stepping into the studio, saying "I don't like that, or him or her at all."
Stir up some motion, you know.

Something of the worst must be to be mostly harmless, always blend in and to be always following the same lines as others already drawn for you.
Sure, you can say there's security in always fitting in, but what kind of security is it anyway?
I am not sure where the wish and the longing comes from, this to be part of a society where everyone thinks the same, or should I say, stopped thinking at all?

I know, some people think the worst thing that can happen when you are talking to someone is in case someone would disagree, they find that kind of situations very unpleasant, so most of the time they agree with anyone they might happen to talk to.
Even if they disagree in their minds.

This longing to fit in somewhere, when what really should matter is to make sure you fit in into yourself, because then you truly are home.
And space will be available for you, anywhere you want to.... I am sure of that.
Hm, I have to ponder some more, you got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Ska jag höra av mej om vi sitter i garaget och hejar fram "I love Europe" i morrn? /Dissa Darth Vader/

parfitulugga hamtrilldouz said...

the imposition of a global police state is a certain eventuality, unless enough people wake up and come to the realization that the process of this implementation is currently fully under way right now... this process has been under way in full force since WWII and, of course, the best way to make sure it happens is to keep people so frightened and ignorant of their own potential as living beings that they can't even conceive of counteracting the relentless forces arrayed against them... so, the only thing left for the vast majority of people is to withdraw into the smallest little package that they can fit in, and once they do that, they have to make sure that no one else violated their delusions by demonstrating that there is more to living than that narrow "reality" that they live in... or something like that...

in other words, it's a crime to not only pretend that a human being is nothing more than a domestic robot, but to insist that everyone else pretend that it's true, too...

Shirouz said...

Ja, kan du alltid göra, så tar vi det på dagsläget som vanligt. :)

Shirouz said...

Damn well said, I have absolutely nothing to add to that!