Monday, March 3, 2008

Yes, it's Tuesday, allright.

Well, kids, today is the day.
I wouldn't say I feel up for it, in fact, I feel more like that if I had a stand-in I would send that one to the meeting.

I don't like this idea at all, but who cares?

Today feels more like a day when everything I am going to do is going to go to hell.

I am already feeling like I am walking the green mile you know...
(Stephen King, yes.)

I feel like I am ordered to walk up on a stage and sing like a canary, back in the Wild West, and I just know someone is going to shoot me in the leg because I sound more like an old dog.

Yesterday wasn't fun either, when I think about it, on the other hand, I found some distraction when I read "Cell" by Stephen King, let's just say that he is able to take your mind of things happening in your life and make you start worrying for other things like cell phones and power aggregates and such stuff.
Very well done mr King.

Hm, well, I don't think I will be more spiritual right here, you know, I'll write you a mail and tell you all about how it went.
Cross your fingers.

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