Thursday, April 10, 2008

A little more rambling thoughts. Or wandering thoughts...

Next week, well, on Monday, we'll be starting to eat no rice, no potatoes, no bread and no sugarbombs.
Hm, excuse me, I should probably have written next Monday we will stop and live a normal life.

It's some kinda GI-thing over here in Sweden, don't know if it has reached further, but I suspect it has, and my guy thought, well, why not try it and I said, alright...

I don't have a problem with the quinoa and bulgur-stuff, I quite enjoy it, but the basmati-rice, hell, I love that rice..

Anyway, we'll try it for two weeks, and as I said, "we better go by the chocolate-factory tomorrow (yes, we have one, close to us...aren't we lucky bastards?) so I have some chocolate to delight myself with during the weekends.

Because, if you can't enjoy something extra during the weekends, what's the point anyway?

Over to other stuff, I am still behind on my schedule on things to do, but I have slowed down, it's okay, and it's alright if things wont get done.
It's life and life has it's own meaning.
(Wow, I almost felt a bit zen there.)

The spring is coming, and I don't know, but it feels a bit sad, I mean, when midsummer comes we are heading for the darker times again, it goes so damn fast...
So fast..
And I know, it might sound typical Swedish to think about the longer darker days that will come instead of enjoying the light that I have now.
It might be typical Swedish, I don't know...

I spent today with dusting off my Tutanchamun-rug, I thought to myself that the old Egypts would have been proud of me, kneeling in front of the old Tut for over an hour.
It felt really appropriate and now the carpet shines very bright again.
I think the gods are very pleased with me....

Besides that, what else is new...
Went out in the forest today, it's amazing really how good it feels just to be able to be out in the woods. Right now, it's the best of times, the birds are sounding like they are overjoyed and it is still not spring, not summer, but something very close to spring.
Everything seems to be waiting. For that signal when everything will start to bloom and blossom, but not yet.
Anyway, I talk to you later, right now I have to check up some food that we'll be eating next week.


chibblernout dootint said...

I'm not sure I understand the GI/not eating rice,etc, correlation... what's up with that?

...and regarding Tut Anhk Amun and pleasing the gods, wasn't Tut one of the monotheists that caused so much trouble?...

remember, the dark unprocessed (ie: non-alkali) chocolate is full of anti-oxidants and is really healthy!! so enjoy without guilt

Shirouz said...

Well, I am not sure I quite understand it either to be frank. Something that some things are slower burners or something like that. I am really not so well informed as I would like to be, but something tells me I will have to be in order to get through with it, we're going shopping that kinda food today, and I'll be writing how the week will go.. Yesterday we went to the chocolate factory, I am pretty sure there were no GI-thingys there at all. It didn't stop us thought. We bought chocolate with vodka in and chocolate with salmiac in. Oh yum!!!!! :)

Yes, I didn't think about that, but Tut was one of those, you are absolutely right.

And yeah, the really dark chocolate is going to be really enjoyed here, as always :)