Sunday, May 4, 2008

A revelation.

This morning I had an revelation, it might seem like a big word, but it's not a too little word for what I finally realized.
Those who are concerned, or should I say, those who will be directly involved in it, will be informed quite soon.
How they will react, I have no clue, but I am sure this is the right way to go.

It's quite interesting, sometimes I just "know" things deep back in my mind, but I am not quite ready to see them.
So they wait, in the shadows, until they one day, or night reveals themselves, and then everything seems so simple.
So, I have made a decision, which feels satisfying.
I am very glad.

1 comment:

pliltdoo grudioak said...

hey, whatever works for you, that is what you should do! it's your life, you know, and you get to choose what you like!!

especially when you make choices which reduce confusion, stress, worry, whatever else, etc...

go for it