Thursday, February 7, 2013

"I'm ba-a-a-ck...."

2½ years go by so fast, right?
June 2010 was my last post and here I am again.
Better and improved (no, not really, but changed in some ways, some ways for the better, some for the worse...)
Anyway, due to a bad back I've spent a lot of time watching the telly lately.
There are so many things one doesn't need to know and so many things that get one thinking 'really?' and realize (once again) that it takes all kind of creatures to inhabit this earth. Some walk on two legs and call themselves humans...

One afternoon I watch a couple who's gonna build a house. All according to the latest trends and what's 'in'.
The program dude says 'But in five, ten years, maybe all this will be out of fashion and not trendy anymore?'
And the couple says 'Oh.....Well, it's a risk one have to take..' and they both look oh so brave.

And I thought to myself, 'No, that is not a 'risk', that is a proof that you don't have any own taste and that you totally bought in on the idea of 'trendy' and really think that trends are more important than what you might like, in fact, maybe you don't even know what you like, do you?'

Yes, I know. I am a critical bastard. But trends, why? Seriously? Nothing makes me smile more than reading about 'this is in this month' and 'this is out that month'. Who says? 

You know, (or you don't) but when I was a kid, what bugged me most was the fact that everyone told me what to do, what to say, what to eat and what to wear.
I remember how I so many times thought 'I can't *wait!* until I am old enough to decide for myself. No one ever is going to tell me what to wear or eat or look like ever again!

Luckily I found out that I didn't need to grow up to a 'mature' being. (whatever that is, to me, still to this day, 'mature' sounds very boring and makes me feel like someone who is mature probably is cemented with boring attributes and never do anything impulsive or say 'shit' in public and their favorite hobbies are couple's dinners with candles lit all over the table (in a responsible way of course). And yes, I know  it is a very judgemental way of looking at 'mature' but yep, that is the way I feel about 'mature'. 

Or they are the same people who say 'don't sit on the table, it might brake'.
Ok.. Well, it just hit me, that I would say that myself. But only because it is a glass table. Anyone can sit on my kitchen table (which will actually break then) it is a very old table, and the legs look sometimes like they want to run away from each other (usually after I placed three bag of groceries, one cat (giant) is sitting on top of it eating on the plastic materials in the bag and a couple of books have been placed upon it.) 
Anyway, nothing a good hammer can't fix. Which is why I almost always have hammer on the kitchen bench. Also makes no one argue about my cooking skills seeing the hammer.

Hm, where were we? 
Yes, I remember now... I didn't need to grow up to a 'mature being', teenage years showed me (and my father, bless his heart and yes, as he says, it is lucky he never had a predisposition for gray hear) that I didn't need to wait to become adult to decide what to do, what to say and what to wear.

And trends and so on....
Well, isn't it a mystery that people choose to be like everyone else? Why have the same wallpaper as anyone else? The clothes everyone else is wearing? Why? Conformity is boring..
The sense of belonging doesn't work, even if one has the same clothes as one's neighbor, because everyone feels different on the inside, and that is the way it should be, right?
We are different, not made to be like everyone else. We should be damn proud of what makes us differ from anyone else. Embrace it, dammit!

And can it really make someone happier knowing that the neighbor got a new car and you bought exactly the same one, or maybe, you bought one with more accessories?
Does that really make one's mind happier? After the first feeling of 'yay, I got it!'?
Hmm.. I don't know.. 
Anyway, just a lil rambling to sort of get my fingers working and the blog working and (not to mention) the joy of mishandling the English lingo again.
Yay, me.... ;)


Baronessan said...

You are so right! Trends is the reason I can´t find the things I want! Nice to see you writing in english. I need the practice. But I´m not so good at it, so if you don´t understand what I´m writing: fråga mig på Svenska ;)

Shirouz said...

Hey Baronessan :) Yes, trends are the root of all evil ;)xx And yes, same goes for me, vi tar Svenska när vi blir helt obegripliga :)