Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Homer, bananas, tomato sauce. Sounds like a recipe, right?

It's 4½ years since I wrote here, I read some stuff I wrote way back then and think it's funny how much things haven't changed but people has.
I spent three days writing on this blog and another blog, deleted a lot of stuff I wrote to be published here and left some at the other to keep private.
It's good to be back, I guess, the Swedish blog has been rolling on for awhile again so why not spread the words to this one as well.
Lately I haven't had too many good nights of sleep, seems my brain loves to start to think when I put my head on the pillow.
Last night I wished I was Homer, back then people didn't mind epic and endless things, well, those who could read, I imagine. Nowadays people like me that are long winded need to know how to focus (how do you do that?) and be short and concise.  It was one of the reasons I first joined twitter for in fact. I wanted to learn how to be short and concise. Also, I wanted an outlet where no one knew me. 
Anyway, from Homer and endlessness my thoughts went to homemade cookies, when I was a kid I spent my summers at my 'summer mum's' house. Met with my aunts and grandma and they all had homemade cookies. But the real thing was those bought in stores. Omg, how I wanted those first. Really wanted them.
Nowadays it is the opposite, if someone has baked I will be first in line. Things change.
From cookies my thoughts went to my father and his bananas. He always bought them and usually they turned brown and inedible, once I asked him why he bought him and he explained to me that he couldn't pass the bananas without buying them, not because he liked bananas, he didn't, but it was like a force making him having to buy them. After that, every time I was at his house and saw the bananas I said 'So, you caved in again?' and he just laughed.
From bananas and my father I thought I have the same force when it comes to tomatoes. Luckily I like tomatoes but I can't pass any tomatoes without buying some. Right now I have three big tomatoes, and two boxes of cherry tomatoes in the fridge. Saturday I'm going to the supermarket again and yes, I will come home with some more. Bring it on, I know how to make a damn good tomato sauce. 
And from tomato sauce the step wasn't long to think about the man who taught me how to make real tomato sauce. He was Italian and every time I make this sauce I think about him, in my kitchen, he was cooking the tomato sauce and it had been on the stove forever and I was hungry as ten wolves and said 'Isn't it done soon?'
He just stared at me and then said, very slowly, 'You. Do. Not. Stress. A. Tomato. Sauce. Katarina. Never. Ever!'
And he was right, you do not stress a tomato sauce. It was the best damn tomato sauce I ever tasted. Mine is good. Very good. But not as good as his was. I'll get there one day. One day.....
Anyway, I'll wrap up this endless thing, I also thought about Danny Collins, laundry people and hairdressers, basements and keys that doesn't fit but I still insist on having, wondering where they might fit but I don't want to bore you to sleep. Unless you also have a problem with sleeping, then, yes. I definitely do want to bore you to sleep.

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